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The Value Visuals Bring to your Brand

From the point of view of a Designer, Photographer, and Visual Learner.  Over two-thirds of people are visual learners who engage more with social media posts, emails, ads, and content containing images rather than just text. Not only is content with images easier to digest and more likely to catch your attention, but they make

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The Metaverse & Marketing Opportunities

Immerse yourself in the digital world of the Metaverse and take advantage of its abundant marketing possibilities.  The Metaverse. What started as a virtual gaming space quickly became a shared virtual space for businesses and artists. Today, people can shop, sell, buy, trade, and even do product placements in games and other installations. In addition,

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BE Fest 2022 Recap: Business Learning and Educating Together

Magic happens when Hispanic leaders get together to talk and celebrate business in Puerto Rico.  San Juan, PR – BE Fest hosted the 2022 event with Hispanic leaders and industry professionals this past week on a full mind-blowing day. The BE Fest is one of the largest, most inclusive, and most accessible annual events catering

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Take your videos to the next level with these new trends

From ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), hilarious ring videos, “TikTok made me buy it,” cute animals, and highly interactive videos, the world of video marketing and how we make videos, is changing every day. Video content is an undeniable part of marketing used by every niche and industry. According to Wyzowl, people share videos twice

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The Importance of Design in Content Marketing

With the power of graphic design, a message can travel around the world and bring people together through social media.   Graphic design is one of the most powerful tools in content marketing. No campaign or feed is complete without art, whether you are trying to reach stakeholders, decision-makers, leads, clients, or create a following. The

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The Importance of Typography

Typography is like the meta brand. After color, typography is the second most important aspect of a brand —not only is it the main component to create verbal language to communicate with your audience, it’s also a powerful non-verbal messenger.

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The Benefits of Branded Programs as Brand Differentiators

To stand out within a competitive sales landscape, it is no secret that differentiation is key. If your brand has a unique value proposition validated by customers or “Purple Cow” as Seth Godin taught us, rest assured you are differentiated. But is your business leveraging this in the best way possible? This is where a Branded Program might be a solution.

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Creative Mindset: Do’s and Don’ts

Creativity is liquid. It’s about adaptation and creating “something new” out of “the same” or “the old.” In the creative department of marketing, we are constantly finding new ways of convincing an audience to buy a certain product or service over and over again, instead of finding it somewhere else.

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Celebramos el Mes de Concienciación del Síndrome Down con gente Bien Cool

La Fundación Puertorriqueña de Síndrome Down se une a la marca Bien Cool para recaudar fondos para esta población a través de una divertida colección de medias  San Juan, PR — Cada vez más personas con Síndrome Down se insertan al mundo laboral, donde aportan su conocimiento, alegría y carisma para llevar a cabo distintas

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