BE Fest 2022 Recap: Business Learning and Educating Together

Magic happens when Hispanic leaders get together to talk and celebrate business in Puerto Rico. 

San Juan, PRBE Fest hosted the 2022 event with Hispanic leaders and industry professionals this past week on a full mind-blowing day. The BE Fest is one of the largest, most inclusive, and most accessible annual events catering to business education and celebrating Puerto Rico’s advancements in entrepreneurship.

BE Fest 2022 Recap: Business Learning and Educating Together

With over 100 speakers, such as entrepreneurs Christian González (Wovenware), Laura Tirado (Uva!), Sebastian Vidal (Raincoat), journalist Bianca Graulau, and our very own Pedro Medina Leandry (DuartePino). The event gave participants and attendees numerous opportunities to learn about business, marketing, branding, creativity, development, and growth tools. Attendees got the chance to hear about the state of the industry in Puerto Rico and receive resources and support for every stage of their evolving business.

Pedro Medina spoke and educated the audience on aligning brand strategy with their business objectives. Pedro’s presentation was highly informative and covered the importance of branding and how the design choices are not made randomly, following trends, or by pure personal taste. Instead, they should serve the brand by reflecting the vision for the future and have a scalable system for quick revision. In addition, he highlighted that it is important to make sure the brand moves away from market trends to be genuinely distinguishable and linked to a unique value proposition.

“For brands to leave a true mark on people, they should deliver their audiences and community initiatives beyond their product or service. Educational content or environmental programs are just two good examples,” stated Pedro Medina, managing partner of dpBrands, the brand strategy practice at DuartePino.

Pedro introduced the audience to the brand strategy sandwich, which effectively explains his take on the complex subject matter. “Brand strategy is like a sandwich, one part business objectives, one part design strategy. All the ingredients must work together. Otherwise, it is not a complete meal,” Pedro concluded. 

Additionally, people could meet up with mentors such as the Mujer Emprende Latina, coffee talks with panelists and speakers where there was space to pick their brains, a beautiful holiday-inspired pop-up market, and the Creative Industries Lab. The labs included professionals in management consulting, market research, cyber security, and growth strategies.

The BE Fest is an educational event for the local Puerto Rican community created by Colmena66, one of the core programs of the Puerto Rico Science Trust. Their mission is to make it easily accessible for many to access business resources to grow and start their businesses. 

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