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Miami, A Multicultural Melting Pot

It is no secret that Miami is the place to be. With its waves so blue and one of the most popular vacation places globally. Miami has so much to offer beyond its fantastic lively nightlife, beaches, culinary and hospitality world, shopping, sports, and weather. It is ranked 26th out of 200 main global business

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News in Latin America – Managing the news cycle in Latin America

Latin America is well-positioned in a great place as both a consumer and news and media creator. While freedom of the press might look different in some countries, each country offers opportunities and excellent news coverage. In Latin America, a healthy percentage of users paid for digital news. For example, 18% paid for news in

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Unicorns hablan español e português: Startups in Latin American

The business and entrepreneurship world is evolving like fire and bringing large numbers and innovation. Latin American ventures and businesses have rapidly changed in the last few years, with venture capital investments totaling up to USD$4,100 in Latin America.1 Around 23% of the Latin American and Caribbean population has been embracing entrepreneurship and creating new

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The media landscape in Latin America after COVID-19

It’s no secret that COVID-19 forever changed the world as we know it, including how we do news, advertise, use the internet, and shop — with e-Commerce growing exponentially globally. Likewise, the ways in which we communicate and receive news have also transformed. Recent studies show that consumers are primarily attracted to major news organizations,

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