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The current digital media landscape in Colombia

Historically, the media landscape in Colombia has been heavily influenced by broadcasters and publishers with strong ties to the business and political elites. Still, today we’re seeing new players and social media significantly changing media consumption trends. What’s more, lockdowns caused by the pandemic disrupted the country’s printing industry, expediting the digitization of the country’s

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5 Tips to Upgrade Your Marketing Plan

DuartePino Planning Series If you want a more powerful year, upgrading and focusing on developing a solid marketing plan is more important than ever.  First, you need to work on the five essential components of that plan. Then, to beef it up, you should consider developing campaigns and programs aligned with your objectives, target market,

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More than Encanto: Expanding your business to Colombia

Home to some of the most beautiful places like Medellin, Cartagena, Bogota, and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, Colombia is like none other. Yet, while many are soaking up the sun and enjoying the vast landscape and night rhythm, many others use it as a gateway to South America and the entire

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