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Retail Digital Transformation: Best Practices & Top Trends

Retail is only as successful as it is today with the power of technology! So, bridge the gap between your store and consumer, and reach your goals with these popular trends.  Every business has gone or needs to undergo an intense digital transformation to be more productive, motivate employees, and increase value and financial prosperity.

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The Role of Marketing in Digital Transformation

The “digital transformation” concept emerged during the 1990s and has become a mainstay of contemporary business planning and strategies, whose simplified goal is to drive revenue through online channels and gain actionable customer insights.  While it was established in the ’90s during the dot-com bubble, this term strongly re-surfaced during the 2010s when digital processes

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Social selling: connected is the new way to sell

Over a decade ago, many of us could only imagine using social networks to reach buyers of different tastes, likes, and preferences in a vast global market; to be connected despite different time zones and countries while offering a product or service. There is no longer a need to have a point of sale when

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Evolve with your customers: The importance of Digital Transformation in Retail

Let go of the old ways of how you do retail. Digital transformation is the most groundbreaking way to upstart and drives your retail and consumer business to the next level. Is your business up for the challenge? In today’s retail marketplace, consumers are more tech-savvy than ever before. Customers can buy from worldwide businesses

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Digital Trends to Watch

Key takeaways from the 2016 SME Digital According to experts, by 2020, customers will manage more than 85% of their relations with companies without interacting with human beings. This means that customer experience will be the key competitive differentiator among businesses. Companies must quickly conclude that customers demand a great experience, integrated among multiple touch-points

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