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Top 5 Reasons for a Startup to Hire a Fractional CMO

Many startups are started and led by the chief technologist. Maybe their title is CEO, but their skill set is generally technical development and vision, not marketing. With customer acquisition being your top priority to validate traction, the first non-technical hires should focus on marketing and sales. In the early days, the technical CEO often

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6 Situations that Trigger the need for a Fractional CMO

From budget constraints to issues with accountability, your company may need external support to optimize your marketing strategy. Someone recently asked me to explain why a company might want to hire a Fractional CMO. Here I’ve listed some of the top reasons or triggers that in my experience, suggests that your company needs help from an

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5 Reasons on Why You Need a Solid Marketing Strategy for Growth

Many businesses struggle to identify their purpose and accurately defining who they are as a company. Through carefully defining your business, you are then able to develop a marketing strategy that connects your business to customers. A marketing strategy is a long-term plan to determine how the company will connect with the market, its customers and prospects. Creating a Solid Marketing Strategy is essential for business growth. Learn the top reasons why it is important for your business:

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Outsourcing Marketing for Growth

Outsourcing Marketing for Growth.
Companies have long outsourced creative marketing activities but there is a new trend.

Companies have long outsourced creative marketing activities, such as advertising and promotion campaigns. But there is a new trend. Increasingly, companies are farming out marketing strategy and analytics as well.

The reason for this trend is that outsourcing can save money and improve quality. Businesses can now bring seasoned marketing executives as Fractional CMOs to upgrade overall strategy and boost sales. Outsourcing can provide increasingly critical analytical marketing expertise that many companies lack, including experience with customer database management and analysis. A Fractional CMO can help lead the marketing strategy, inject the client’s perspective into new product development, ensure that the company’s intangible brand assets are carefully guarded, and engage a profitable customer base.

The need for analytical marketing expertise will only grow. Marketing, a discipline that was once principally creative has become increasingly analytic, as the traditional approaches become less and less active. Most marketing managers tend to be right-brain creatives with a soft spot for mass-marketing campaigns when what’s needed are creative number crunchers with fondness to the market of one.

That is why the new breed of Fractional CMO can bring an analytical approach to shaping up strategy and manage implementation. They become expert ringmasters who select, develop, and monitor an integrated network of experts that brings new capabilities to the marketing effort.

Of course, outsourcing the marketing strategy isn’t going to be the right decision for every organization. CEOs need to know if it is a good fit for their companies. Outsourcing marketing is a big decision for any company. If it is used correctly, it can bring plenty of value by putting your organization in expert hands. The key component is to know plainly and understand your business needs, so you make the right decision for the future growth of your company.

A Fractional CMO can help you increase lead flow, build integrated sales and marketing processes, and gain more business faster by optimizing current customer acquisition efforts. Sound appealing? Get in touch with us, and we will be happy to discuss how outsourcing marketing could benefit your company.

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