Outsourcing marketing defined for B2B companies

In 2023, most business-to-business (B2B) trade will be conducted online, either as a hybrid omnichannel interaction or solely online. As confirmed by McKinsey’s most recent global B2B pulse, the pandemic was a wake-up call indicating that B2B companies now need to raise the bar in their marketing and sales strategies in order to manage client expectations and enable optimal business growth.

To compete, most scaling B2B companies are delegating their strategic and operational marketing functions to third-party partners who have the specialized talent, processes, and tools required. Outsourcing marketing is one of the most beneficial tools to help B2B companies focus their internal resources on delivering value to their clients and competing in their markets while driving profitability and growth. It also helps B2B companies access top marketing talent with the tools needed to level up the playing field and compete against big-pocket brands.

According to a recent CMO Survey, over 44% of B2B companies in the United States outsource their marketing, allowing their leadership to focus intensely on their core business. When outsourcing marketing, business leaders can step back and rely on the marketing partner to propose the best strategy, implement its programs and campaigns, and report on its progress. In this scenario, the outsourcing marketing firm is a critical partner in a business’s success.

The most typical outsourced marketing functions include:

  • Research: Includes researching your market, competitors, and clients. In addition, research can uncover insights into market opportunities and emerging trends. 
  • Strategy: This includes company-wide growth to specific go-to-market strategies for special offerings and new markets. It also includes developing key differentiators, brand positioning, and messaging for all stakeholders, including your employees and the community. 
  • Creative: For the most part, this function encompasses brand strategy, design, interaction, and content. In addition, it includes packaging, collaterals, motion graphics, user interface (UI), merchandising, and bespoke fonts.
  • Operations: This includes running a business’s day-to-day marketing operations. Examples include media buying, content production and editing, social media management, public relations, sponsorships, event activations, and database marketing support.
  • Sales Enablement: Establishing an iterative process of providing the sales team with all the resources they need to close more deals. This includes implementing a marketing strategy linked to the CRM process, optimizing the customer journey, retention, cross-selling, and utilization initiatives. 
  • Analytics: Effective marketing operations must track, analyze, and optimize every aspect of a business’s marketing programs and campaigns, such as online analytics, sales performance, demand creation, and lead generation. 

According to the CMO Survey, 7.5% of a B2B company’s revenue is spent on marketing, so creating an effective strategy is crucial for an optimal return on investment. Outsourcing marketing can offer the tools, processes, and access to the right talent to increase productivity, add scalability, and ultimately enable business growth.

Fuel and optimize your business growth with a tech-smart and strategic marketing plan. Our Growth Advisors have the tools to help you see the bigger picture and discover new opportunities you may not have thought were even possible. Through a marketing-as-a-service approach, scale-ups and startups can focus on keeping the flame alive at the forefront of their businesses while we keep the fires burning behind the scenes through the implementation of real-time research, smart data, and analytics, as well as up-to-date consumer and market trends to your marketing strategy. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your marketing plan.

*This blog post was written by Jason Amalia, Managing Partner, Senior Marketing Advisor & Head of Marketing Services at DuartePino.


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