We help brands connect with new growth opportunities

We aim to inspire Hispanic-led business leaders and their brands and equip them with the necessary tools to soar to higher heights and reach their full potential. We work side by side with companies with purpose, cultivating their plans to grow, and transforming big ideas into tangible solutions that generate real impact and promote growth.

We have one main purpose: to help brands grow and connect with opportunities. We do this by intentionally building relationships of trust, internally and externally, through reliability, competence, and integrity.


Trust is one of the most critical assets in life, especially in business relationships. Now more than ever, our economy works because people trust each other and the brands they support. At DuartePino, it is imperative to hold trust as our core value – as a purpose-driven firm.

Trust means more than having good business acumen. It means that we have the competency, reliability, and integrity needed to advise our clients. That is why trust is owned by all of our Advisors, measured in all interactions, and reinforced by our processes.

Trust is built by:

  • Diagnosing business problems and challenges and making the right recommendations to solve them.
  • Acting as change agents, creating the case for change, and managing an organization’s politics to implement them.
  • Working to ensure that our clients achieve the outcomes we present and drive positive results.


With a 6-year track record, DuartePino is humbly honored to be ranked the #1 Largest Marketing Firm, #2 Largest Public Relations Firm, and #13 Largest Management Firm by Caribbean Business’ Book of Lists 2020.

We collaborate with
Hispanic-led scale-ups & midsize companies

We help Hispanic-led scale-ups and midsize companies reach their full potential with a marketing-as-a-service approach and a team of licensed advisors who are ready to bring you to new heights.

We have vast experience working with industry leaders growing in their main markets and going global by exporting to the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Under outsourcing models, we provide advice for growth-focused businesses.

We are all growth

We are a collective of diverse talents and interests – strategists, designers, writers, and advisors dedicated to partnering with companies whose work and visions intrigue and challenge us.

Our single-source accountability comprises of a unified network of Advisors with years of combined experience in their respective industries. We provide your organization with a fresh perspective, a proven planning process that invests in the outcome, and the tools necessary for successful execution.


What better way than to turn to actual clients for assertion on the trustworthiness of a firm. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) 30 points higher than the industry average, we are confident in using client testimonials as powerful trust signals.

The case studies below represent how our team of Advisors lived our purpose and achieved optimal results for our clients.

Nacho Libre Cantina Mexicana

If the saying “adversity breeds opportunity” holds any truth, then the owners of the red-hot eatery Nacho Libre Cantina Mexicana had the chance of a…


We are confident that our team’s competencies, the reliability of our processes, and the integrity of our Advisors, combined with our fractional and collaborative approach, can build strong relationships of trust to enable business growth.