Looking back at the 2022 Worldcom North America Conference in Philadelphia

This past October, we had the valuable opportunity to connect with our North American partners from the Worldcom Public Relations Group in Philadelphia at the North America Conference, and what a great experience it was! 

Several discussion sessions amongst fellow partners were held around emerging key topics, such as culture and retention, strategic planning, and collaboration. 

The conference’s Keynote speaker was Chris Thomas, a fellow partner from Intrepid. Chris shared his role in managing media and advising the family in the Elizabeth Smart disappearance, re-emergence, and subsequent life milestones.

The event was also an opportunity to welcome and get to know new Worldcom partners as they presented their respective industries, cultures, and specialties.

Our Senior Comms Advisor, Laura Rentas-Giusti, presented alongside colleague Price Adams from Nuffer Smith Tucker on the recruitment panel to explore best practices in recruitment – from compensation and finding the most suitable candidates to workplace culture and strategies. Also, partners went in-depth on the tools, ideas, and proprietary approaches that impact and improve how they evolve their businesses and manage talent. 

Other speakers included Chas Withers from Dix & Eaton, Ryan Cohn from Sachs Media, and Paul Raab from Linhart. They showcased best practices in corporate communications and how to implement them daily and throughout challenging times.

Rooted in collaboration and trust, Worldcom’s partnership provides our Advisors at DuartePino unlimited access to the resources of more than 80 global partners in 50 countries and six continents, available to work together in designing and implementing marketing communications strategies for all key stakeholders. 

The Worldcom 2022 North America Conference was a unique exchange of ideas, networking with partners in other markets, and a chance to explore new opportunities for the future of communications in a changing world. We’re ready to put forth our learnings from the experience to further our clients’ success. 

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