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The Value of Employer Brand in Times of The Great Resignation

The great resignation is in full blast. However, your employee brand can help you keep and attract the right employees!   With over more than 19 million workers in the U.S alone quitting their current jobs, companies have hit a record-breaking high of open positions. People are experiencing grief, burnout, productive pressure, work-life imbalance, and the

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The Importance of Typography

Typography is like the meta brand. After color, typography is the second most important aspect of a brand —not only is it the main component to create verbal language to communicate with your audience, it’s also a powerful non-verbal messenger.

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Creative Mindset: Do’s and Don’ts

Creativity is liquid. It’s about adaptation and creating “something new” out of “the same” or “the old.” In the creative department of marketing, we are constantly finding new ways of convincing an audience to buy a certain product or service over and over again, instead of finding it somewhere else.

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5 Misconceptions About Branding

Branding without a strategy is like a dream without action —meaningless. Our Advisors are here to help you turn your dreams into reality through marketing-focused branding that gives your vision shape and meaning. Brand design requires a strategic plan that shapes the steps needed to grow a brand forward. Strategy drives a brand’s meaning, shaping the

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5 Ways Branding Enables Business Growth

#BrandingForGrowth Series A good presentation is key. How a company presents itself is how the market will perceive it in the long run. While elements such as finance, people, and operations are essential, the brand strategy should not be overlooked. A solid brand strategy can help the company’s customer outreach efforts, develop the culture within

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