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2 . Feb . 2020 Uncategorized

9 Strategic Considerations for 2020

2020 DuartePino Planning Series If you are a business leader, you know how competitive the market can be. To stay on top, you need to have your finger on the pulse of emerging trends and tactical considerations to keep up with the latest. With the velocity at which markets are evolving, it is not a

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Strategic Planning for Customer Centricity

You’ve heard it all before, “The customer comes first. The customer is always right.” The customer is securely in the driving seat. Period. Companies that put the customer at the heart of their organization are experiencing an increase in customer lifetime value, attrition, and overall profitability. So, how do you get your company to be

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Building Strategic Resilience in your Employees

The world can be a frightening place. As a business leader, I am always aware of my choices to minimize my perception of fear and uncertainty. Natural disasters, such as Hurricane Maria, increasing financial pressure, and intense competition — both here and abroad — have defined an evolving and complicated landscape for developing our businesses.

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Strategic Resilience to Turn Crises into Growth

In a world of accelerating complexity and uncertainty where crises are becoming the norm, strategic resilience is increasingly seen as a crucial feature that reflects the capacity of a company to​ manage disturbance and reorganize itself without collapsing in the face of adversity. Resilient companies are more adaptable to change, can learn, and are less

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5 ways to evaluate your Marketing Plan

There’s no denying it. You cannot consider yourself a great marketer unless you know your numbers. Understanding how to evaluate a Marketing Plan, including whether it is delivering the best possible results, can save you money and help you ensure the success of the company’s growth plan. Even though any evaluation should start by reviewing the Marketing

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12 . Oct . 2016 Uncategorized

It is Time to Start Thinking about 2017

Although the options for a Marketing Plan are endless, and there are always options to beef it up with more details, you need at least six components to build a meaningful guide for 2017. Once you have the core plan, you can then build it up with details of the campaigns and programs needed to achieve its objectives.

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9 Trends for Growth in 2016

2016 is going to be a fascinating year. It holds multiples opportunities for business leaders looking for growth. Curated with a customer-centric mindset, here is our list of trends that seem most likely to impact your business in the year ahead.

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