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DuartePino: Worldcom Confidence Index Points to a ‘Progressive’ Approach to Recovering From The Pandemic

From technological advances to global trends, here’s how to steadily recover from the pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the world economy, industries, and life itself as we know it. Everyone has felt its constantly altering ways, whether you work in or own public or private sectors companies. In this new environment, learning new

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9 Strategic Considerations for 2020

2020 DuartePino Planning Series If you are a business leader, you know how competitive the market can be. To stay on top, you need to have your finger on the pulse of emerging trends and tactical considerations to keep up with the latest. With the velocity at which markets are evolving, it is not a

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9 Trends for Growth in 2016

2016 is going to be a fascinating year. It holds multiples opportunities for business leaders looking for growth. Curated with a customer-centric mindset, here is our list of trends that seem most likely to impact your business in the year ahead.

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