5 groundbreaking content trends to follow in 2023

2023 is here and with the ongoing, ever-evolving content strategies and social media platforms, creators must keep their eyes peeled for the latest trends to stay relevant and on top of their content game! Below, we’ve compiled a short list to help you navigate the year like a true content champion. 

A strong content Marketing Strategy is crucial in engaging potential leads, viewers, customers, and consumers. According to a study from Aberdeen, “Conversion rates are nearly six times higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters (2.9% vs. 0.5%)”. 

How a content strategy can help your business 

Content trends and platform changes are moving faster than we can process the latest update from Instagram or Twitter. Still, with a strong and thoughtful content strategy, you can significantly impact your audience and ROI while reaching your financial goals. 

Some of the main ways a content strategy can help you are:

  • Understanding your audience’s wants, needs, and expectations.
  • Creating content people actually want.
  • Choosing the proper content formats, such as videos, podcasts, infographics, etc., to share certain information.

If you aren’t already planning your content strategy for 2023, you should jump on it as fast as possible! Here are 5 main trends in content marketing to follow in 2023. 

  1. Human & data-driven storytelling: What is your brand story? Brands that engage with their audience guided by their strong upbringing and success stories attract more than a client: they create a cultural brand tribe. Although emotion, vulnerability, and appeal to humanity are critical for this tribe to happen, data can provide direction based on your business objectives. The combination and balance of both result in more effective and meaningful storytelling. Appealing to people’s emotional side is excellent, but it means nothing without the data to nudge them in their decision-making. 

A great way to interact with your viewers using this method can be quizzes, polls, animations, illustrations, guides, and even blogs. 

  1. A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) & VR (Virtual Reality): You might already be submerged in Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and their filters. We are all guilty of trying on new makeup, supporting a cause or social movement, or simply having fun on social media platforms. It’s all powered by a content trend that will continue to thrive in 2023: Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Marketing. Many companies are using AR/VR to show people how products can fit in their houses, how a dress, makeup, or hair color might look, and more. AI is fastly evolving, with chatbots helping businesses handle customers and customer service at all times. Some examples are Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Siri. These AI tech tools gather information based on your research and consumer engagement and help you develop better-targeted ads. 
  1. Real-time engagement: People crave authenticity. That’s why taking advantage of live streamings, UGC, and answering questions keeps your brand message relevant. Now more than ever, stores, creators, creatives, etc., conduct live streams to engage with audiences in real time. That being said, 2023 will be driven ever more so by real-time engagement. Viewers can become potential leads or buyers just by having a personalized, one-on-one experience with you where they can ask questions and get to know you and your products better. 
  1. Video is HERO: Whether long or short, a well-made video can relay your content in an engaging way to your target audience—the simpler the video, the better the impact. TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have made this more approachable to anyone wanting to reach out to a specific audience, engage, or build a tribe from scratch. A video that is well made can do more than any other type of media as it can show off your content in a highly engaging and impactful way to your target audience.
  1. Repurpose, Refresh, Repurpose: In 2023, you should encourage yourself to create content that can serve multiple purposes and goals. For example, a blog post can be made for SEO and split into a short-form video series. This means you’re helping your content marketing strategy and social media goals. In addition, repurposing and refreshing your previously owned content and webpage can help you replace outdated keywords and information and appear different in just a few easy steps. 

What’s staying the same 

Backlinks are still crucial! Google and other search engines/platforms could be better at informing users of any changes in their algorithms, requirements, and day-to-day operations. You might find your SEO numbers taking low numbers; therefore, you need more than backlinks in your content to keep on track. 

Lastly, mobile devices and content are still going to be super important! More than half of the global traffic comes from mobile smart devices. So right now is the best time to ensure that your web pages and content are mobile-friendly, shot correctly, loading fast, and easy to navigate to prevent people from exiting, getting confused, or being redirected to broken links. 

In 2023, staying up to date with what is trending, implementing adjustments according to the changes from Meta, transforming how we communicate and answer current consumer needs, and keeping ahead of the competition is more important than ever. 

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*This blog post was written by Yoanna Sánchez, Content Advisor at DuartePino.