Social selling: connected is the new way to sell

Over a decade ago, many of us could only imagine using social networks to reach buyers of different tastes, likes, and preferences in a vast global market; to be connected despite different time zones and countries while offering a product or service. There is no longer a need to have a point of sale when establishing a business, as consumers spend a significant amount of time exposed to social media. 

A study by Forrester Research shows that the millennial generation is mindful of social networks and mobile tech and spends around 25 hours a week using them. In addition, research by Cambridge University Press states that the very same generation uses WhatsApp by 95%, Facebook by 65%, and YouTube by 44%. The data clearly shows consumer behavior centered around digital consumption. 

What is social selling?

Social Selling uses new strategies to sell and allows businesses and people to target the right customers and promising leads. This technique also helps grow relationships with existing followers, buyers, etc. That being said, social networks are the primary tool used to interact and reach potential customers and allow businesses to make a sale. Therefore, it is necessary to have a strategy that captures your buyers’ persona. Finding the right buyer persona can help you achieve empathy with clients. 

Through engaging tactics, social selling helps you gain potential customers. For example, contests and promotions are great tools for engagement and obtaining followers’ registration. In addition, content events such as webinars can let you interact and engage directly with social prospects. 

Why it’s important 

  • According to LinkedIn, social selling works! Over 78% of businesses use this technique to outsell others who may not have social media. 
  • With an ongoing pandemic, social helps to build real relationships and opportunities. 
  • Over 200 million people use Instagram and 81% research products/services. Over 18% of Facebook users made purchases through the app. 
  • Your competitors already use social media! 
  • Builds your credibility, trust, and value.

In conclusion

Remember that the fundamental idea behind social networks is building relationships and maintaining engaging relationships with potential customers. Therefore, every interaction needs to be as natural and human as possible, not a robotic or cold response. 

The most effective way to obtain helpful information to promote social selling is by obtaining consumer information. Therefore, understanding consumer needs and tastes are essential. In addition, you need to execute marketing strategies that drive alignment across all business functions. With social selling, you can expand your network, generate valuable leads, and meet most if not all of your goals! 

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*This article was originally published by the Worldcom partner in Central America, Agencia Interamericana de Comunicación. It is reprinted with permission.