Take your videos to the next level with these new trends

From ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), hilarious ring videos, “TikTok made me buy it,” cute animals, and highly interactive videos, the world of video marketing and how we make videos, is changing every day. Video content is an undeniable part of marketing used by every niche and industry. According to Wyzowl, people share videos twice as much as any other form of content. Additionally, 84% of people bought a product or service just by watching a video. With TikTok and Instagram being the leaders of social media and even video making and sharing, people not only rely on videos for entertainment but for educational and purchasing purposes—in fact, a study shows that 4 in 10 users watch videos to see if a brand’s product or service is worth buying. 

Here are some new and innovative video trends that can help you grow your brand, ROI, and more! 

  1. Silent videos with captions

We might be used to sounds, voiceovers, and music blasting off whatever video we are currently playing. But did you know that a whopping 85% of videos on social media are being watched on mute? A consumer report states that 80% of viewers react adversely when a loud ad plays randomly on their devices. Nowadays, people want to watch videos on their smartphones or devices without sound. What’s more, when it comes to creating video content, inclusivity and accessibility are a must! Many people need captions to be able to understand the content better. You can provide this easy fix by simply clicking on the transcription feature while uploading your video. 

  1. Short-form videos

Most people today are multitasking and super busy, and on top of that, the general attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Every day, your content competes with background noises, other smart devices, and various outside distractions. More concise content and even short documentaries help engage your audience better and make your video stand out in a sea of competing content. In other words, creating short, entertaining videos with trending music and more digestible content is the way to go.  

  1. User-generated content 

If you want to appeal to be more trustworthy and authentic, user-generated content is the way to go. Studies show that over 85% of consumers trust user-generated content more than branded content. Using customers and/or influencers (even your employees) is an easy way to generate videos that can be easily reshared on all social media platforms and gain more visibility by 10 times more. As time passes, such content can influence purchasing decisions. Testimonials, tutorials, reveals, and more on Tik-Tok, including their eternal loops, can help you go further. 

  1. Brand building and influencers (including shopping) 

In comparison to simply reading text, viewers remember 95% of a video’s message. Videos prove to be effective in optimizing your ROI for campaigns, promoting brand awareness, and helping you stand out. Some videos you might want to create can be showcasing your products, sharing behind-the-scenes moments, interviews, and working with influencers. Collaboration is critical, and both you and the influencer alike can gain significant exposure, opportunities, and new leads through your shared videos. 

  1. SEO videos

Surprisingly enough, SEO is an integral part of video marketing strategies. While SEO is nothing new, this is a great way to build audiences organically and ensure that your content can be found easier. To optimize your videos, you can start with a catchy video title, a description with targeted keywords, trending tags, closed captions, and appealing thumbnails. Lastly, consistency can help you boost your SEO content and rankings. Frequent video content and publishing to your website in addition to social media platforms can help increase your traffic. 

Take your viewers by surprise and captivate them with these latest trends! Fuel your business growth with a tech-savvy and strategic marketing plan. Our advisors help you see the bigger picture to discover possible opportunities you didn’t know. With a marketing-as-a-service approach, scale-ups and startups can focus on keeping the flame alive at the forefront of your business while our trusted advisors keep the fires burning behind the scenes. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your marketing plan and strategy.

*This blog post was written by Jorge Raul Rosado, Creative Production Advisor at DuartePino.