The Changing Landscape of Hiring & Employee Retention

Companies struggle for air as a big wave of employee resignation sweeps the business world.

COVID-19 and other factors have triggered the ultimate great resignation, and companies are struggling with how to keep their employees content. As companies begin to see the end of the pandemic tunnel, keeping employees and attracting new ones is becoming a rocky issue. In research by Worldcom, upskilling and reskilling were some of the most popular topics, followed by retaining talent in the leadership engagement and talent sector. 

As vaccines and new mandates inspire a more normal life, employee challenges come more into the equation. Leaders are highly encouraged to renew their sense of purpose and message to attract the right talent. The report by Worldcom shows that retaining, upskilling, and reskilling employees is a dominating subject. However, attracting said talent fell to 13%. 

This decline exhibits leader recognition of the need to adapt and create a culture that engages and inspires employees. This leads to a significant challenge, given the already dramatic changes undergone by the pandemic and remote working. As Stefan Pollack, president of Worldcom partner The Pollack Group, states: “The pandemic reset the clock on what “the office” means, sending some of the world’s biggest companies back to the drawing board on defining their corporate culture.”

Other topics that come into play are onboarding for new employees, flexible and remote work, and hybrid and smaller offices. In a report from, turnover rates increased from 42.6% in 2016 to 57.3% in 2020. However, even if you are the best leaders, employers are struggling. Companies trying to support the brand, the current crisis, and internal employee communications are hiring public relations firms. 

Public relations firms may see a growth of 11% in this decade. Therefore, the necessity to connect with all stakeholders and create compelling storytelling with the help of talent and public relations firms is crucial. 

Growth, cultural issues, and post-pandemic communications all challenge the search for and retention of employees. 

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*This article was originally published by WorldCom partner HBI PR Marcom. It is reprinted with permission.