Make agile & data-driven marketing decisions with operational excellence

Making decisions can be as easy as pie but making the right and well-thought-out decision takes operational excellence and big data. 

In a fast-paced world, operational excellence and tech, such as big data, are essential for a successful transformation, operations, culture, keeping ahead of the game, and most importantly, reaching your desired business goals. At the same time, operational excellence covers so much ground in daily performances and beyond, and allows you to reinvent and find new ways to work the operating system. Teaming up with an IT team or having knowledge of big data can help you in all your future visions and specific defined targets and perimeters. 

Operational excellence

Operational excellence is a mindset that should transcend not only within operational levels but within your organization and amongst your employees. This requires your business to create and embrace new tools and processes to sustain and improve your company’s workflow. According to Tallyfy, “Operational excellence is not just about reducing costs or increasing productivity in the workplace. Instead, it’s about creating the company culture that will allow you to produce valuable products and services for your customers and achieve long-term sustainable growth. Operational excellence is a journey that involves applying the right tools to the right processes. When this happens successfully, the ideal work culture is created where employees are provided for in a way that enables them to stay empowered and motivated.”

You can achieve operational excellence in your business by creating a holistic environment, a collaborative workforce, and onboard leadership. 

Making agile data-driven marketing decisions 

Consumer data is now more available than ever before. Finding ways to attain and keep customers, investors, new leads, and inner relationships makes it easier to improve the value and make more accurate decisions. Neej Gore, Chief Data Officer of Zeta Global, states, “Agile intelligence is a technology-enabled approach that helps marketers visualize, explore and take action against the most pressing business questions without depending on other departments, such as IT. Sitting at the intersection of business and marketing, agile intelligence provides easy cross-pollination of the market, customer, and location data through a Customer Data Platform (CDP), enabling real-time decisions.”   

Some of the aspects that can help you make decisions and shape your business are: 

  1. Predictively faster data and anticipating customer and business needs 
  2. Data-driven answers in real-time to identify and create realistic targets and better revenue-generating opportunities
  3. Space to explore data, visualize KPIs, and such. 
  4. Cross departments collabs

Leveraging data

A business can potentially gain great insight into its very own operations, its customers, and others through a data-driven approach. Leveraging the data correctly can improve operations and position tech across the business. In research by Smart Insights, you can use data to gain customer insights and make marketing decisions. For example, “85% of consumers know that websites track their online behavior and understand that these activities enable businesses to present content and offer that match their interests. Also, 75% of consumers prefer that retailers use personal data to improve their shopping experiences.” 

You can also leverage data by using a mixture of sales data, competitor analysis, product data, and never failing market research. Organizations that use data to make their own decisions are more likely to get more customers, retain them, and be more profitable, leading to steady growth and a resilient ROI. 

Forbes states: “Ensuring smooth operations across the business is a key pillar in a sustainable and successful business strategy. Employing data-driven insights allows businesses to enjoy increased process standardization, reduced manual effort, mitigated project risks, and minimized business disruption, therefore improving the efficiency of operations across the board.” 

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*This blog post was written by Jorge Rivera, Operations Advisor at DuartePino.