Comprehensive Script Management Chooses Abarca’s Smarter PBM Platform for Better Operations, Analytics, and Member Experience

Newtown Square, PA — Abarca, a company that is upending the pharmacy benefit management industry with an entirely new approach to technology and business practices, announced that it had signed an agreement to provide Comprehensive Script Management (CSM) with Darwin, its more competent PBM platform.

“We engineered Darwin to be smarter, cloud-based, secure, flexible, and unimaginably efficient,” said Jason Borschow, Abarca’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are thrilled to be providing CSM with customized solutions that deliver streamlined operations, business-changing analytics, and better member experience.”

Jason Borschow, CEO of Abarca Health

CSM, headquartered outside of Philadelphia, is a privately held, physician-led, full-service pharmacy benefit manager specializing in worker’s compensation programs. CSM’s mission is to bring its customers innovative technology and adaptive solutions through a clinical lens. CSM is proud to be a woman-owned and-run business. As the only physician-built PBM, CSM is clinically focused and committed to improving patient outcomes and supporting evidence-based care. CSM ensures medication use is clinically appropriate, safe, and cost-effective.

Darwin integrates claims processing, pharmacy network, prior authorizations, formulary management, regulatory compliance, rebate management, and other critical PBM work streams into a single, fast, friendly interface. Abarca’s solution to support CSM’s First Fill program allows capturing and processing the first script and beneficiary information in real-time, even before compensability is determined. Abarca developed this and more custom solutions, implementing CSM on Darwin in under 60 days.

“This is one of the smoothest implementations I’ve worked on,” said Jennifer M Dragoun, CSM President and CEO. “Abarca offers the depth and flexibility needed to deliver on the CSM commitment. The result of our effort is a more highly managed drug spend, that decreases financial risk for our customers while improving patient outcomes.”

“Flexibility isn’t something people expect from PBM their platform, and we don’t believe it needs to be this way,” concluded Borschow. “Darwin ends the drains on accuracy, productivity, and morale, and we are proud to partner with CSM to provide a much higher level of service to its clients’ members.”

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