Turning “data gold” into action

Take full advantage of new data and analytics resources, tools, and techniques to open new doors to growth opportunities for your business.

To improve relationships with your customers and business partners, business leaders and their teams need to know how to get the most value out of their data and analytics to optimize growth, meet the needs of their consumers and expand into new markets.

At DuartePino, our Analytics Advisors utilize a systematic and rigorous application of Analytics methodologies to uncover insights that open doors to new opportunities and create valuable initiatives toward business growth objectives for our clients. 

Before 2020, this practice had limited presence in Puerto Rico, given the limited access to socioeconomic and business data. Today, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed this landscape by forcing companies and public agencies to digitize more of their operations, increasing the volume of meaningful, quality data available to the public to utilize in their business strategies.

Moreover, post-pandemic Puerto Rico is showing a more positive economic outlook ahead, and the potential for global competition is increasing by the day. At the same time, advanced data and analytics techniques and tools are already commonplace for many new competitors arriving on the island. As a result, they are elevating the stakes for local businesses to take advantage of their data resources in the same manner, to compete and stay relevant in this new landscape.

In other words, local businesses need to take full advantage of the data and analytics resources, tools, and techniques available to compete globally and open new doors to growth opportunities.

The importance of analytics and data quality

The future belongs to the bold business leaders. They nurture innovation while exercising prudent risk management and tackle business problems head-on by designing solutions that place data and analytics tools and techniques at the center. Business leaders must invest in knowledge and implementation into all business growth objectives and processes. 

Taking advantage of quality data and analytics will be an integral part of the next step in a business’ growth journey, allowing them to:

DuartePino- Turning “data gold” into action

Just as important, business leaders who understand the limitations of these new tools and prepare accordingly are already ahead of the game. 

Our Analytics Advisors are here to walk this new path with our clients, to put their “data gold” into action so they can see, with results, the benefits of this approach and set the pace for its expansion into the future. Our fractional model allows for an incremental process since our clients only need well-managed data; we take care of the analysis, leaving further internal investment for later. 

The diversity of our client base also allows for a more comprehensive number of insights to be obtained and tested in other industries, something very few in-house or industry-specific firms can fulfill.

Marketing analytics helps us see how everything plays off of each other to decide how your company may want to invest moving forward. Re-prioritizing how your team spends its time, and the resources, channels, and efforts you invest in, are critical steps to achieving marketing success and improving sales. At DuartePino, our analytics experts analyze your business’ data to evaluate better the performance of your marketing, content, and products and use your analytics insights to reach the right people. Contact us to learn what our trust advisors can do for you.

*This blog post was written by Gabriel Marrero, Lead Intelligence Advisor and head of the Analytics Practice at DuartePino.