Strategic Communication Trends to Follow in 2022

In this new era, communication is evolving! Here are some trends to help keep you relevant. 

The last two years have changed the way companies communicate. Strategies continue to adapt as research and trends of the post-pandemic era emerge. As we move through 2022, strategic communications will be crucial for organizations to continue engaging with stakeholders. Here are a few trends from Worldcom that your company should be mindful of regarding your communications.


Corporate cultures and environments are changing to be more inclusive. It is critical to developing values of empathy and solidarity. Research favors having meetings that empower employees and conversations around business sustainability and social issues. Leaders are encouraged to discuss diversity with their collaborators. 

Reputation validated through fiscal management

Public opinion is as important as fiscal management. External perception builds relevance, contributes to reputation, consolidates a brand’s brand image, and represents the transparency of organizations, both socially and economically. Transparent companies are more profitable, and only through story-doing can they create relationships of trust with stakeholders. 

DuartePino - Strategic Communication Trends to Follow in 2022

Content is king! 

Companies should start moving away from corporate interest alone and more towards the needs and wants of their consumers. Generating emotional content and reflecting on how people want to be represented and understood is now more critical than ever. The pandemic has exponentially changed the way we communicate internally and externally. Companies have had to learn how to be more empathetic and minimize the emotional trauma of employees (those working remotely, commuting, or waiting to get called back to work). 

With that said, communication strategies need to focus on being more inclusive of everyone. Inclusivity ensures connections between companies and their employees, as well as to other audiences. The way we speak through content and interact can potentially inspire motivation, tranquility, confidence, trust, and validation during hard times. 

Transforming your corporate culture and how you communicate will help your company survive these ongoing uncertain times.

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*This article was originally published by Worldcom partner MC Communications. It is reprinted with permission.