Storydoing vs. Storytelling in Modern Marketing

Storytelling is one of the essential marketing tools, but with storydoing entering the picture, the way we do marketing is changing. 

From the birth of humankind, storytelling has been a staple of communication, a way to pass down history and connect with others. Storytelling has always been considered an essential tool for presenting a company’s message and products. Psychologically, stories are stored more effectively and readily in a person’s brain than a simple advertising message. Today, we are seeing a new method of storytelling enter the picture called “storydoing,” and it is changing the way we do marketing.

The meaning of storydoing 

Storydoing has been around since 2013 and is readily becoming a widespread communication method. Storydoing not only tells a story but also offers the audience a chance to become emotionally invested and be part of your brand’s story. Your brand’s story is at the company’s heart and incorporated into all levels of your communications; it reflects the company’s purpose. 

Storytelling vs. storydoing

Stories transport the core message and emotions of your company. Storytelling and storydoing are similar, and your business’s communications can benefit from both tools. Storytelling might be based on fundamental values and economic factors; however, it can be used for individual campaigns. Storydoing encourages customers and followers to participate in projects and be involved in social issues. 

Storydoing offers vast benefits on a marketing level and simultaneously serves several funnel levels. However, these tools require a long-term and strategic plan to be relevant and successful. Achieving your marketing strategy’s goals requires help! It is time to create a new and evolved plan to take your marketing operations off the ground. 

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*This article was originally published by Worldcom partner HBI PR & MarCom. It is reprinted with permission.