How to Positively Connect with your Employees & Potential Talent

Over 4.3 million people quit their jobs due to the pandemic, burnout, and other factors resulting in what is being called “The Great Resignation.” With your leadership, you can positively change the culture of talent acquisition. 

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has changed many industries and how companies run and retain talent. Many everyday factors have contributed to the massive turnover in what experts call the “The Great Resignation” — in which people are leaving their jobs at a greater rate due to dissatisfaction as they seek better work schedules and better livable wages. 

If your company is struggling to attract and retain talent, you are not alone. Many companies see new hires accepting positions and not showing up or quickly realizing that the company culture is not up to par. This constant turnover can be challenging for your company and other employees or stakeholders. Worldcom summarized some sure ways to help you fight the Great Resignation and connect with your employees and potential talent. 

DuartePino- How to Positively Connect with your Employees & Potential Talent

Cultivating a Positive Company Culture

The way you talk to your employees and the relationship you build with them will determine whether or not they feel valuable enough to stay working at your company. People want to feel valued and appreciated and expect their employer to communicate clearly and transparently. Communicating in this way will help employees feel connected to each other and your company’s purpose. Cultivating a positive and inclusive company culture with clear and trustworthy values can increase talent retention, drive recruitment, and even help with your company’s performance. 

Benefits and Policies

After two years of the pandemic, providing people with a flexible and hybrid work environment is crucial. Your workers have been working remotely for a long time now and need stability and support during hard times. Health care benefits are more predominant now due to the pandemic. Employees want better preventative care due to their stress and anxiety being at an all-time high. Not only are mental health services crucial, but having a plan that covers this sector is the first stepping stone to retaining talent. Re-evaluate your health plan coverages to ensure your employees have the extra support needed. 

Employee relationships are everything! Today, employees and potential talent identify their success with the organization’s performance. They want to experience a sense of emotional connection, to feel joy and passion for their workplace. 

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*This article was initially published by Worldcom. It is reprinted with permission.