DuartePino & SeriouslyCreative Launched the 1st Growth Reboot Program in Puerto Rico.

The program focused on discovering new drivers for business growth.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Driven by the need to contribute to the island’s economic development, DuartePino and SeriouslyCreative announced a new strategic alliance to help established companies reboot their strategies for business growth. Their first official collaboration is FreshStart Growth Reboot, an intensive program that runs for six weeks and goes from identifying new drivers for growth to reviewing the business plan.

The FreshStart program helps established companies further develop their offering, increase sales, and bootstrap into profitability. Companies will receive intensive support from DuartePino and SeriouslyCreative, investigating new transformative ideas and identifying new drivers to reboot the business plan and optimize their marketing strategy accordingly. The program includes a specially-crafted process:

(1) customer-centric research and investigative phase

(2) reviewing the business model to assure commercial viability

(3) optimizing the marketing plan focused on profitability

(4) strengthening the brand for differentiation

DuartePino & SeriouslyCreative Launched the 1st Growth Reboot Program in Puerto Rico

This partnership represents a unique opportunity for established companies because it combines complimentary business planning approaches with innovation tools to rethink marketing. Both firms bring unique perspectives to growth strategies, where SeriouslyCreative develops a deeper understanding of the customer needs, and DuartePino looks more strategically at leveraging marketing for growth. Also, CultureCreate will be available to align your brand strategy with the new growth plan if needed. Antonio Duarte, Nelia Villanueva, Dana Montenegro, and Angiemille Latorre will lead the teams supporting the participating companies.

“Our end goal is to improve business impact and results dramatically. We have integrated into the process our distinctive customer-centric approach. It combines the strategic discipline of business with the transformative potential of design and creativity to develop powerful ideas inspired by deeper customer insights.” said Dana Montenegro, Chief Idea Catalyst & Idea Engineer of SeriouslyCreative. The firm has been helping companies for the last eight years by applying IDEA Engineering, a proprietary process that combines best practices from various approaches to business problem solving, including LEAN, Creative Problem Solving, Appreciative Inquiry, and Design Thinking.

FreshStart Growth Reboot is officially the second program launched by DuartePino, a marketing advisory firm already working on other collaborations with partners in the United States, Latin America, and Spain. “We truly believe in collaboration, and we are excited to start working with SeriouslyCreative to help established companies optimize their marketing strategies for growth. At the end of the program, the participating companies will be ready to start implementing new plans to boost sales and upgrade their offering through a remarkable FreshStart,” added Antonio Duarte, founder and Chief Marketing Officer of DuartePino.

Different from other programs, FreshStart’s primary target is helping locally-owned companies. “We firmly believe that Puerto Rico’s growth is in the hand of its entrepreneurs, so we are going to launch solutions continuously to help them thrive to their potential. The FreshStart program was carefully designed to help emerging companies connect with their customers and focus their top resources on growth,” concluded Duarte. Visit https://duartepino.com/en/purpose/ for more information about the reboot process.

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