DuartePino clients awarded 2021 SME Excellence in Marketing Awards

Fulcro and Farmacias Plaza are reinventing the wheel of trade marketing and corporate communications excellence.

The SME Association recognizes companies with the best-in-class strategies and campaigns locally and internationally every year. In their latest conference, the SME Association recognized the work of two of our clients: Farmacias Plaza and Fulcro Insurance. 

Farmacias Plaza won the Silver award for the Best Marketing Reinvention campaign for the “Colmadito de Plaza” program at the 2021 SME Excellence in Marketing Awards. Founded in 1962, Farmacias Plaza is the biggest local pharmacy chain in Puerto Rico. Farmacias Plaza became the one-stop shop for their communities during the pandemic, offering prescription drugs and groceries beyond what community pharmacies typically provide. 

DuartePino clients awarded 2021 SME Excellence in Marketing Awards

The SME Association also recognized Fulcro Insurance with the Bronze award in the Best Corporate Communications campaign for the “Insurance Nerds” internal program. Fulcro is a Hispanic-owned brokerage firm that offers personalized support with licenses in 19 US jurisdictions and offices in Georgia, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic. During the 2020 mandatory lockdown, Fulcro designed and implemented a proprietary continuing education program to develop their team of experts further, directly impacting client relations in times of crisis.

DuartePino clients awarded 2021 SME Excellence in Marketing Awards

Both companies are making waves with their marketing communications strategies in their respective markets, stemming from our fractional approach that helped fuel their business growth. So, as an outsourcing firm, our process began a few steps back to properly establish a marketing communications strategy that works explicitly for each business. To do this, we invested heavily in strategic planning and were better positioned to respond and adapt to market changes, like the Covid-19 global pandemic. 

Learn more about SME Puerto Rico and how they’re bringing together some 400 executives from the leading companies and industries in the country and 100 university associates. The Association has a solid track record that, for 70 years, has been aimed at promoting the environment and adequate tools for the professional development of sales and marketing executives in Puerto Rico. 

DuartePino looks forward to continuing our work with these industry leaders to enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem here on the island and pay forward to our communities.

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