Campodata boosts sales with field data visualization

The platform empowers brands to improve shopper marketing tactics for business growth.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – Campodata is a cloud platform that empowers CPG brands (consumer-packaged goods) with real-time visibility of their field operations. The platform facilitates large global brands to monitor and improves their execution in stores. Now brands can make sure that their merchandising plans are being executed correctly and can track their field staff’s progress in real-time. Campodata provides visibility of area operations, allowing companies to improve workforce management, reduce operating costs and ultimately increase sales.

Campodata offers a tracking platform that helps businesses be more efficient by getting data visibility of the field operations. It provides real-time visibility for various departments such as sales, marketing, and merchandising. At the same time, the platform helps monitor compliance with actual field conditions against business standards or agreements for specific locations, chains, channels, zones, or areas. Also, Campodata can help assign performance scores to supervisors for use in performance monitoring and provides daily actionable intelligence with alerts and dashboards for management. Also, the platform allows correlating all its data with other sources of information, including internal sales, point-of-sale, and market data for retail organizations.

Campodata boosts sales with field data visualization

Double-digit sales growth with field data visualization

Campodata triggered an unprecedented transformation for a major global brand. The CPG company went from zero focus on physical availability to transforming itself into a methodical execution powerhouse. Something kept the company’s executives awake at night: “how can we have certainty that our plans are being executed in-store?”. The company turned to Campodata to face this challenge and see everything happening in-store in real-time. It all started with a pilot, and excellent results came along.

  • 40%+ growth on the first weekend at the pilot store
  • expansion into all the other stories on the first month
  • 20+ points growth in the first year

Today, the major global brand has implemented the Campodata platform in most stores, ending double-digit growth. The global brand is growing faster in the channels where the program was implemented, and its management is happy.

Currently used daily by hundreds of merchandisers in Puerto Rico, Panamá, and Dominican Republic, Campodata is quickly expanding to other markets in Latin America. For more information, visit to boost your sales with field data visualization. Information is empowerment.

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