Worldcom Global Conference 2022 Recap: Sustaining Value in a Changing World

This past week, Worldcom hosted the 2022 Global Conference in London, with esteemed partners, clients, and special guests worldwide participating in the three-day event. This meeting was the network’s first in-person global gathering in two years. 

Keynote speakers included respected journalists from Bloomberg and BBC Roger Hearing, who presented on the state of international affairs and the media today. His keynote presentation addressed how the Russia-Ukraine War is playing out on our phones through social media. Hearing has covered important events such as the civil wars in Angola and Mozambique, the build-up to the first Gulf War, the United Nations’ intervention in Somalia, and the genocide in Rwanda. 

Additionally, author Alberto Lopez Valenzuela from Alva Group and business transformation advisor Robin Bonn of Co: Definery discussed changes in corporate cultures, such as leaders connecting with hyper-transparency and interconnectivity and how to manage talent in the post-COVID19 reality. Other presentations addressed important trends like conscious communications, data-driven reputation management, and new takes on DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). 

Worldcom’s partner firm, Padilla, presented a case study on DEI. Padilla’s president, Matt Kucharski, shared how Padilla embraced DEI and transformed the company’s initiatives. Witnessing firsthand the impact of social unrest following the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Padilla embarked on a multi-dimensional DEI program for its firm–one that increased diversity, educated team members on the importance and value of diversity and inclusion, added new value to clients, and made a positive impact in the community. As a result, the agency was recognized in the 2022 PR Week awards for “Best DE&I Transformation” through its efforts.

DuartePino’s Chief Marketing Advisor, Antonio Duarte, also presented at the Global Conference, discussing how Puerto Rico can bridge the gap between two of Worldcom’s leading markets – North America and Latin America. Puerto Rico’s strategic positioning brings opportunities for the network to support global companies looking to expand to new markets, serving as a link between the United States and LATAM markets. ​This opportunity is also aligned with DuartePino’s focus on helping Hispanic-led companies and enabling local companies in Puerto Rico to go global with confidence.

As members of the Worldcom network, DuartePino has unlimited access to the resources of more than 80 global partners in 49 countries and six continents, available to work together in designing and implementing marketing communications strategies for all key stakeholders. The Worldcom 2022 Global Conference allowed partners and special guests to learn more about new trends, network with partners in other markets, and identify new opportunities for the future to sustain value in a changing world.  

To learn more about how DuartePino helps companies go global and reach their business goals, feel free to contact our team of trusted advisors.