Spotery Expands Rental Available Locations

Caguas municipality joined the platform to offer spaces to rent. 

Caguas, Puerto Rico, August 19, 2016 – Spotery, a virtual platform aimed at providing business opportunities by listing available rental locations to celebrate private events, announced a partnership with the Caguas Autonomous Municipality recently. Through this partnership, Spotery will increase business opportunities throughout the region. The app will help ease the commercialization of government rental locations. The electronic tool includes processes and requirements, such as insurance, among other services, to make the renting process easier for citizens.

“We are more than proud to have Caguas as the first municipality to join Spotery,” said Ricardo Davila, Co-Founder of Spotery. He explained that the app facilitates searching for locations to celebrate events without worrying about details such as space, location, or features since the platform can provide clients with many alternatives to fulfill their needs. The app has over 200 locations in Puerto Rico, including 20 government location spots within the Caguas municipality.

“With this innovative platform, we exposed our facilities all over the world, and at the same time, we enhance the offerings of our municipality. As a next step, we will include communities’ facilities and locations to benefit them”, said Caguas Mayor William Miranda Torres.

Davila added that plans include launching the app in San Francisco, California. The Mayor explained that the app’s pilot program will be up and running officially in the U.S. market and will initially feature sports facilities within the county. Through the app, the renting process is straightforward. Clients can make a reservation anytime and will find plenty of options.

Spotery is a Puerto Rican startup that develops a platform that helps customers search for locations effortlessly and provides a simple experience throughout the process. Spotery provides different services without the bureaucratic, time-consuming processes. Capitalizing on the business opportunities of the sharing economy, Spotery is a business model like Airbnb, but it’s centered on locations available for all kinds of events. Spotery is supported by main business development programs such as Indy Accelerator, Parallel 18, and Founders Institute. The startup was a finalist in the 2015 World Cup Tech Challenge held in California.