Founder & CMO of DuartePino named amongst Caribbean Business’ 40 under 40 honorees of 2019!

Antonio Duarte was named among the 2019 honorees.

San Juan, PR – Congratulations to Antonio Duarte-Pino, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of DuartePino, for being named amongst Caribbean Business’ 40 Under 40 honorees of 2019!

While serving as deputy secretary of the Puerto Rico Economic Development & Commerce Department between 2013 and 2015, Antonio witnessed “a new wave of entrepreneurship” taking root on the island. He says he was inspired by these innovators to not only “stop being the middleman and establish my own business” but also open a firm –DuartePino– geared exclusively toward helping established Puerto-Rican-owned companies expand locally and abroad.

40 Under 40 2019 honoree: Antonio Duarte-Pino, Founder & CMO of DuartePino

“The most fulfilling of my ventures is the work I do with supporting the growth of local scale-ups and helping emerging startups grow. I take pride in being from Puerto Rico, and to be able to give back to the island’s prosperity is very much rewarding and a gift I don’t take for granted,” said Antonio.

DuartePino’s team of specialized advisors also helps their clients license and export their products and services. Even Hurricane Maria did not stop the firm from carrying out a state-wide launch of Abarca, a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), only weeks after the devastating storm hit the region in 2018. “We partake in the struggles of our clients, which are also our own,” said Antonio.

While recognizing that the struggles of his clients and team are also his own, Antonio adds, “I carry three values with me always: passion, discipline, and teamwork. These values are at the core of everything I do, within and outside of business. My passion is my reason to get up every morning, keep learning, and work toward mastery, giving me purpose. Discipline is essential to managing everything around me – it brings me stability and structure. With that said, I would never have made it this far without the people I work with – we complement each other and share the same successes.”

Anyone who has ever worked with Antonio agrees that he challenges the status quo in every decision he makes, inspiring and motivating everyone around him. “I love what I do. It is a passion that runs deep. I take joy daily in thinking about all of the opportunities for the future. I enjoy the daily interactions with my team and am especially excited for this phase of my career. I feel happy and fulfilled and every day presents new reasons to be excited…even the challenges. Seeing the fruits of my labor is gratifying, and I consider myself incredibly blessed to say that I love my work,” he adds.

Recently, DuartePino has successfully assisted in the state-wide launch of three other Puerto Rican companies and has just announced the inauguration of DP Communications –the firm’s newest public relations subsidiary, which focuses on employee-employer connection consulting services.

Congrats to Antonio and the DP team on this new venture!