Designing B2B marketing strategies to get to the next level

Build a unique and tailored marketing plan that considers all of your challenges and business needs.

Too often, marketing services are approached in the same cookie-cutter, ‘one-size fits all’ strategy without considering the specific market trends and pain points impacting a business. At DuartePino, our Advisors help our clients design a unique and tailored marketing plan that considers all of your unique challenges and business needs. 

Our Advisors help B2B (business-to-business) companies with their marketing strategy while giving them the support necessary to reach their growth goals and reach new heights. It’s no secret that technology is changing everything around us, and it’s up to business leaders to evolve with them to stay relevant and in touch with today’s new consumers.

According to Statista, “marketing services spending devoted to telemarketing amounted to 61.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. The largest share of marketing services spending is attributed to sales promotion each year. In total, spending in 2020 reached 244.7 billion U.S. dollars.” Additionally, Harvard Business Review states that companies should also utilize marketing ROI (return-on-investment) to measure the return on their investment amount spent on marketing. 

How we see the future 

We strongly believe that a significant part of a company’s success is its ability to stay up to date with tech innovations to advance its marketing game. Additionally, companies need to keep up with the key trends determining the future of B2B marketing. 

To stay relevant and up to speed in an ever-evolving business landscape, businesses must be switched to technology and make decisions based on logic rather than emotions, anticipating results by utilizing analytics and data insights. Companies need to invest in constantly evolving their products and services with better customer knowledge and wisdom. Finally, businesses must connect with their customers meaningfully through external comms.

DuartePino- Designing B2B marketing strategies to get to the next level

The importance of building strong business relationships

Connecting with your customers and kindling a meaningful relationship is essential. The nature of the business can sometimes be straightforward and lacking emotions; however, empathy and humanity are game-changers in any relationship. 

  1. Trust! Trust is one of the essential elements in any business relationship. Clients need to be able to trust a business leader. Likewise, your customers must believe that your vision is purposeful and that you know where the industry is going. They also need to trust that you have the business acumen to bring that vision to life.
  2. Make it personal. Understand what keeps your customer up at night depending on their business level. Are they a startup focusing on staying afloat? Or a company that needs to evolve its tech or services to fit the times? Answer these questions through your business strategy and client engagements and act on them through meaningful strategy and communications. 
  3. Build on familiarity. Building on Trust and familiarity with your consumers is vital for a business and allows you to focus on growth objectives. 
  4. Solid planning is critical. Creating a personalized strategic marketing plan to help your company expand into new industries and markets should be a top priority. 

Investing in B2B marketing means investing in the future by reaching new and quality customers while maintaining current relationships. Most importantly, your strategy or plan needs to keep your audience and customers in mind. The way you communicate can help your customers in vastly different ways while inspiring Trust and a leadership role. 

Fuel your business growth with a tech-savvy and strategic marketing plan. Our advisors help you see the bigger picture to discover possible opportunities you didn’t know. With a marketing-as-a-service approach, scale-ups and startups can focus on keeping the flame alive at the forefront of your business while our trusted advisors keep the fires burning behind the scenes. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your marketing plan and strategy.

*This blog post was written by Jason Amalia, Senior Marketing Advisor & Head of the Service Marketing practice at DuartePino.