4 Stages in the Marketing Funnel & their Ideal Content

Understanding your customers and what they want is essential to learning their needs. This allows for creating a successful marketing communications experience that incorporates the stages of your business funnel.

However, the customer journey and their movement through the funnel can often be missed by over 61% of departments and decision-makers. Keep in mind that obtaining and retaining new customers is a journey that requires many phases in marketing communications and the buyer’s journey.

Here are a few tips to help you create the ideal content for the four stages of your marketing funnel:

  1. Leads in the early stages – In this early stage, buyers are still discovering how to fix new or recurring problems. It is best to take new approaches to help potential customers, such as educative content that clearly shows the problem and how your business can help. 
  1. Leads in the mid-stages – During this stage, potential customers have identified their problems and are looking for a perfect solution. The best way to approach this is to create numerous social selling content pieces such as testimonials, webinars, case studies, and posts to convince them that your services are the answer to their problems. 
  1. Leads in the late stages – Customers in this stage already know how they want to solve their problems but still need an extra push to settle into your provided solution. You can help them by providing content that focuses on the purchase. You can also include comparative blogs, buyer guides, and helpful apps.
  1. Sales lead stage – Even though customers in this stage generally already know what they want, you will need to convince them regardless. Using sales-oriented content such as a blog presenting the results one can achieve from your product or services can be an effective tool during the sales lead stage. 

Quick wins

In addition to these tips, the purchase process can be achieved much faster with case studies and landing pages. Your customer data might suggest that the leads you are dealing with like to read your content but need an extra push to purchase from you. If you serve them the right content, they will most likely complete the purchase. 

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*This article was originally published by the Worldcom partner in the Netherlands, Wisse Kommunikatie. It is reprinted with permission.