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Kick-start your day with lemon and water

By: Nelia Villanueva, Strategic Marketing Advisor at DuartePino

Guess you have heard it before… starting your day with a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon revitalizes the body and mind and provides well-being. A lot has been heard about the benefits of starting your day with a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon. Here are ten reasons why nutritionists and other health professionals recommend drinking it first thing in the morning:

  1. Supports the immune system: The juice of half a lemon in a glass of water at room temperature is rich in vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system and assists the body in fighting colds and flu. Nutritionists have assured lemon also enhances the body’s ability to absorb iron, an essential nutrient for a healthy immune system.
  2. Aids digestion: As lemon juice is similar in atomic structure to the stomach’s digestive juices, it has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It helps cleanse the bowel by flushing out waste more efficiently and stimulates the release of gastric juices, which aid digestion. The digestive qualities of lemon juice can also help relieve symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, and bloating.
  3. Repairs skin: Lemons are excellent for combating skin aging. Nutritionist Chevalley Hedge says its antioxidant properties help fight free radical damage, which is responsible for the symptoms of aging. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which creates collagen synthesis, keeping wrinkles at bay. The job of collagen and connective tissue is to hold things tight and protect our skin tissue.
  4. Reduces appetite: Lemons contain pectin, a soluble fiber commonly found in citrus fruits. Pectin helps stave off hunger as the fiber creates a feeling of fullness, which results in the suppression of hunger cravings. By feeling fuller for longer, you’re less likely to snack or make poor food choices.
  5. Balances pH levels: Lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods for the body. A proper pH level is essential as too much acidity in the body can be inflammatory.
  6. Cleanses the urinary tract: Lemon juice is a diuretic that encourages urine production. As a result, toxins are released faster, helping purify the system and keep it healthy. Lemon juice can also change the urinary tract’s pH level, discouraging the proliferation of harmful bacteria.
  7. Freshens breath: The antiseptic qualities in lemon juice help kill off harmful bacteria in the mouth by acting as a disinfectant. A glass of lemon water is also a healthier morning wake-you-up than coffee.
  8. Protects overall health: High potassium levels in lemons can help the brain and nerve functioning and control blood pressure. Lemon water can also ward off stress and depression, which are linked to low potassium levels. Lemons also contain vitamin P, improving capillary permeability and blood flow.
  9. Promotes healing: Ascorbic acid, vitamin C, promotes wound healing in the body and is an essential nutrient in maintaining healthy bones, tissue, and cartilage. It also calms inflammation in the body.
  10. Detoxifies the liver: Lemon water acts as a liver cleanser by assisting in detoxification. It purifies and stimulates the liver by encouraging bile production, an acid required for digestion.

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