DuartePino is proud to work with three Endeavor companies and celebrates the organization’s achievements on the island

Endeavor has been a leader in the ‘high-impact entrepreneurial movement’ worldwide, supporting over 2,000 entrepreneurs in over 35 markets across various industries since 1997. 

In 2018, Endeavor launched this movement in Puerto Rico to connect and scale entrepreneurs from the island and its diaspora with a local office. 

In the last three years, ninety companies have gone through Endeavor Puerto Rico’s selection process—of these, 25 high-impact entrepreneurs have been selected and highlighted as business leaders with the ‘greatest potential to achieve meaningful scale and the ability to inspire mentors and reinvest in the next generation.’ 

Three Puerto Rican companies officially joined Endeavor after passing the international selection panel: Abarca Health, Trip Ventures, and Connect Assistance. And DuartePino is proud to work with all three of these companies. 

DuartePino looks forward to continuing our work with industry leaders to enrich the entrepreneurial ecosystem here on the island and pay forward to our communities. 

Learn more about Endeavor in their latest impact report to find out more about how they’re impacting the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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