Alivia Health is named as W Certified Company™️

The strongest Puerto Rican pharmacy network, Alivia Health, has just been recognized as a W Certified Company by the Organization Women Who Lead, which recognizes companies as employers preferred by working women.

“We are proud to have an excellent group of professional women who contribute every day to fulfilling our mission of putting our patients first. They are an essential part of the Alivia Force, which continues to focus on providing the best service and developing innovative health solutions that simplify and promote the health of our communities,” said Hari Sabnani, President and CEO of Alivia.

The recognition seeks to highlight those companies in Puerto Rico that women prefer as a place of employment. According to the Women Who Lead‘s website, the list of companies seeks to highlight leaders who are committed to promoting more inclusive organizations.

“This is a unique assessment program that takes the organizational temperature on the female talent’s wants and needs so business leaders can attract, retain and promote women to leadership roles,” states the organization’s website.

“We are very proud of you and your team for having been selected for your female talent as a company committed to the inclusion of women!” reads the document notifying Alivia of having been selected for this distinction.

Alivia Health is a Puerto Rican company committed to providing the best quality patient care services. Throughout the years, our services have become a vital part of effective health treatments for the island’s residents, making us the strongest pharmacy network on the island. Farmacias Plaza is the main locally-owned network of community pharmacies, and Alivia Specialty Pharmacy is the leading provider of specialty oncology products, and other specialty drugs, that offers infusion and biological drug delivery services throughout the island. Alivia Home Deliveryis an innovative pharmacy that serves delivery programs of prescription drugs and OTC products. Last, Alivia Hub is the only pharmaceutical hub in Puerto Rico that implements patient management and compliance and adherence programs for specialized drugs, hand in hand with health providers.